Dashiell Bark-Huss learned learned programming in less then two years.
To learn entrepreneurship, she founded WishTender.
After less then two years WishTender makes over $40,000 revenue per month.

In the long run Dashiell wants to focus on lucid dreaming projects.

Business took off: WishTender Success Story

Dashiell started to learn coding only a few years ago.
Eventually she needed a real world project to apply her knowledge practically and to gain hands-on experience while building her own business.
Incidentally her friend had a problem:
As an online creator they wanted to receive gifts from their fans – but without giving up their privacy!

That’s how the idea of WishTender emerged:
WishTender is a privacy first wishlist for creators.
Similar to GoFundMe, creators can set up gifts & their fans can fund them.
That’s how Dashiell processed gifts worth more than 1 million dollars already.

But that’s not the end of the story.
Dashiell has great goals!
She wants to enable you to communicate from your dreams.
What’s Paypal for Elon Musk is WishTender for Dashiell:
A start project to fund her dreams – literally.

Work Ethic and Practices

In the beginning Dashiell used to reach out a lot to make creator aware of WishTender.
That’s how she got her first customers and built a great community eventually.

Since lucid dreaming is Dashiell’s passion, that’s what she work on during her free time.
Usually she works most of the day – but in a “nice pace” – without compromising her health.
Once a week she takes a day off.

You know what’s best for You!

Dashiell has no regrets about starting WishTender.
On the contrary:
She encourages young people to start their own businesses in order to focus on their passion and to live a self-directed life.

When she started her company, Dashiell benefited a lot from keeping her expenses low.
She avoided lifestyle inflation and recommends others who start their own businesses to do the same.

Initially Dashiell got pushed to get a regular job.
But she didn’t, because she knew that it was way more valuable to focus on her own business and passion.
[Dashiell personally wouldn’t get a job (maybe freelance) in order to focus on her own business mainly.]

Dashiell encourages young people to become clear about what they actually want in their lives and to take responsibility for that.
You should do the things which are required to achieve your dreams!
Only that other people are older doesn’t make them more wisely.
Dashiell recommends to reflect well, whose advice you adopt.

Important for long-term success is to work consistently on meaningful projects.
Don’t be lazy!
If you learn to like working on your business projects, that’s a big advantage in order to become successful eventually.

WishTender only the Beginning

Dashiell became successful because she was dedicated to becoming a business owner for a reason:
She wants to build world-changing technology.

She invested a lot to become successful.
But WishTender is only the beginning.

Keep in mind:
If you start a business the progression may seem very slowly in the beginning.
But things can change really fast.
Don’t think someone knows more than you, just because they are currently ahead of you.
You are the expert about your mind, your vision, your business!