After several weeks of writing a lot, I realized that I’ve never wanted to work a salaried job.
I simply never had the idea of that one dream profession.🙌

The only thing close to a dream profession (in high school):
Becoming a carpenter – so that I could always and anywhere build useful things for others and myself & never worry about not having enough food or shelter.

Reality: Academics = Expectation

After I switched to a different high school, I unexpectedly got better grades & university studies became an option.

So I studied at the university (maybe one of the most stupid decisions of my life).

After I finished my studies, it was time for me to enter the job market & get a job… or not?

I asked myself:
What if a salaried job was simply no option?

Imagine you couldn’t work a salaried.
What would you do instead?

Get a secure job… or not?

During high-school & college I’ve been told to get good grades in order to get a secure job.

I see people enjoying life by increasing their expenses & consumption during their 20s.

I hear people complaining about the imprisonment in their secure jobs starting from their 30s
(the same people who tell me to get good grades to get a secure job).

People talk about jobs as if they where mandatory.
They aren’t!
There are alternatives.
These aren’t for everyone either.

But from my point of view, life is simply way too long for salaried jobs! … expectedly.

I decided that salaried jobs are no option for me.
This enables me to focus on projects, which will benefit all involved people way more in the long run.
That’s the idea…

I encourage people to think of alternatives to employment jobs in order to achieve a fulfilled (aka. wealthy) life by thinking & acting long-term.

Meanwhile I interview people who successfully live life’s without salaried jobs.

There are many ways to wealth (financially as well as mentally).