Help as many people as possible is the mantra I hear from many business gurus nowadays. The more people you help the more successful you become. That’s what they say.

Help People: There’s Hope

I’m cursed since I’ve started to read business books and since I discovered that it’s theoretically possible to build a successful business and to become financially free. I am cursed by the chase after (quick) success and money for the sake of money.

But I know that I should actually aim for something else:

  • do something which honestly helps as many people as possible
  • create something which aligns with my actual intrinsic values
  • find & manifest a clear why (which motivates me to make the world a better place)

This doesn’t mean that I am not generally looking to improve the world or my environment in some way. It just means that it’s seemingly challenging for me to find that one particular thing which keeps me motivated every single day.

From my point of view it’s super impressive that there are people who supposedly know their very purpose for a very long time. These people have a very clear cause to do what they do and to work towards a very clear direction quite uninterrupted. Having such a clear, intrinsic motivation is a great gem.πŸ’Ž But how many people actually do have such a clear why – and even one which doesn’t change.

When the Why changes

It’s not that I absolutely don’t have a why – the reason to do certain things or to build particular projects.

It’s just that:

  1. there are too manyπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  2. they are changing over time
  3. there’s not that single, ultimate why

Having one clear motivation is certainly not that common. I believe that very few people live their lives while having a very clear picture of their future or their ultimate goal in life.

In fact I think this is a topic which scares most people. And that’s certainly also why most people don’t create groundbreaking changes or achievements during their lives.

While this may be okay for most people, it’s not for me. I am actually very driven by the urge to make a huge change. But what do I actually want to change? That’s the omnipresent question.

Sometimes I have a quite clear picture of what I want to do in life and towards what I want to work. For some time I do things which fulfill my desire to contribute to that goal. But usually, after some time, the feeling of wanting to work only (or at least mainly) towards that particular goal vanishes gradually.

This is why I started and tried many things but didn’t focus on one particular projects long-term so far.

Why: Not found yet

This obviously indicates that I didn’t find my absolutely most driving why… yet(!?) Most people never find something like their greater purpose in life (from my point of view). This also implies that I’ll likely never find it.

I think that this is something I probably better embrace from a meditative/yogi perspective.πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Because in the end it’s certainly something I can’t change. Or do you believe in the possibility to actually reprogram your mind to find a why?

I am quite sure that it’s fairly possible to rewire your brain to be more productive or to think of healthy and beneficial things in a positive way (if you have problems with something like that). But I am not sure if this also works with the ultimate purpose in life?!

Do You need a Life Goal?

I wish I had this one thing which I am aiming for constantly year after year. But that’s not the case – maybe not yet. It’s more like there’s a new thing every year (or even severalπŸ˜…). This is probably an indicator that I haven’t found that one thing yet.

However I see that there are many people who actually don’t seem to have such motivating life goals and still become highly successful. But maybe that’s just my perception from the outside.πŸ€” Maybe they are actually super motivated.

People with great Dreams

Recently I’ve rediscovered my admiration for the constant and seemingly intuitive demand of my friend Pavel who always aims to deliver the very best quality for the customers of his web agency!

And then there are people like Dashiell Bark-Huss who literally make their dreams reality.

I really and honestly admire people with such great goals. Honestly I thought that I am such a person for most of my life. And maybe I am. Time will tell.

But currently it simply doesn’t feel like that.

No Dreams: Fulfill Others

If there’s one thing I should have learned during the past years, then it’s: Once you don’t have hope and dreams anymore, the best thing you can do is to help others fulfill theirs.

That’s something I’ve discovered during the darkest time of my life. And it was one of the only motivations for me to get up in the morning at that time.

But it’s also something I tend to lose once I feel satisfied.

I wish I could keep and nurture it to become an intrinsic trait of mine. Besides I hope that this article will not just be a reminder for myself, but also a motivation for others.

I believe that selfless people, who regard their reality based on the willingness of improving contribution, are wonderful human beings who make the world a amicable place. And I wholeheartedly want to be such a person as well.πŸ€— I just know that I am not there yet. Maybe it’s going to be a never-ending journey. However I am currently on the way.

Self-Improvement – for others?

It’s actually funny that we talk, write and read so much about self-improvement in the sense of becoming better and better. But most of the time this self-improvement is mostly focused on the improvement of our own bodies, minds and lives.

If you know great resources which teach self-improvement in a way of How can I become a person who enjoys to serve others?please let me know!πŸ€—

The World doesn’t value Service

The most important service jobs in our society (those which are the one’s where people actually help people one-on-one) are incredibly low-paid jobs.

As a child I didn’t understand why my dad (who worked as a remedial nurse during most of my life) got paid so badly, compared to someone who only trades money or who’s involved in (more or less) unethical (but socially often accepted) trades. Today I know that this is because of the difference between social value and economic value.

I see people making millions selling garbage on eCommerce platforms, while pretending that they help people to solve their problems on scale. I believe that useless plastic waste, shipped internationally, polluting the ecosystem is something we as human kind shouldn’t be proud of.

There are many ways to wealth! But wealth is not just about money.

I want to help People

I don’t begrudge most people – no matter how they earn money. On the contrary: I am always interested to learn how people actually make money and how they eventually (deem to) help others.

Foremost I am personally interested to do something which I regard as valuable. I don’t just want to make money for the sake of money and and financial riches.

I am on the way to develop a deep and intrinsic demand to serve as many people as possible. And I wish more people did this.

How do I become a person whose driven by the urge to help as many people as possible?

If you are aiming to help people, if you know exactly how this works or if you are still struggling, you are always welcome to reach out to me.πŸ€—