There are certainly many business building approaches and belief systems. In the end there’s certainly a spectrum of potentially successful ways.

The below described steps to building a product based business may work well in exactly that order. But it may also work or even work better, if you tweak it a little bit according to your needs.

This already shows that business building for a product based business is certainly more complicated to get started – compared to a service based business.

Validate before Building Your Business

Get paying customers before you even start to build anything. That’s the main idea an goal of validating your business. And that’s what you want to probably want to do right after having defined your target group clearly.


  • maybe something like pre-MVP (landing page which describes functionality, uses, …)

manual service

  • deliver the results/service which your product should eventually bring to your customers manually at first
    • start with a small group of people, whom you serve well
      • optimally they should already put money down before you work with them
        • maybe not as much as they’d pay for the final product but enough to prove that they are willing to pay for your service and eventually your product (if it’s developed well)

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first

  • build product as quickly as possible
    • using few resources or invest the money which you collected during your Validation phase
  • MVP

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