I wonder if this automation approach (to find and filter contacts of potential clients) is the right way to go. I fear that doing this is actually serious procrastination. However I feel quite talented at explaining myself why this is certainly not procrastination (in the long run).

Automation too early?

Basically I feel that I should focus more on taking action and communicating with people (either clients or potential partners) to build connections and actually earn money, instead of planning and optimizing by building automation tools.

On the other hand (here we come to the excuses), I tell myself things like: “If you build such a tool once, you can use it for every other potentially following project too!πŸ™Œ” In the end I am just not sure how valuable this actually is and whether I am rather wasting time by trying to automate too early (and maybe even too stupid) or if I am doing the right thing for reasonable long-term success.πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

How to ensure Success?

I actually wonder how and at which point really successful business owners knew that they would become successful. Or did they just keep going without any certainty of success?

Shy away from Communication

In the #3Kin2 Discord Sam Hearn mentioned the perception that shying away from communication seems to be a common trait among creatives and techies. I think when it comes to business, that’s not only a trait of shy/introvert people. I wonder what’s required to put in the hard/uncomfortable work, which eventually guarantees success?πŸ€”

Attainable Attorney

During the past days I’ve called the office of the attorney, which one of my former web design clients recommended for a potential collaboration, at least 5 times. Finally I’ve reached his assistant (who told me that he’s currently sick). So we’ll be able to talk next week eventually… hopefully.

And hopefully I’ve something presentable until then.πŸ˜…


Today was super unproductive for me. Last night I’ve been working on my Google Maps automation until 2am, only got up around 9:30 or so and haven’t done very much, except learning a few basics about SQL in Python and other potential database alternatives for my project.

Eventually I’ve launched the new NeverEmployed Chat episode with Bryce.