It’s the beginning of Day 10 in my #3Kin2 challenge. And I am already super uncertain what I should do to work most effectively.

And is the question for effectiveness even the right question?πŸ€”

Opportunities and Ideas – Distraction?

There are super many (potential) opportunities, ideas and different approaches for my current #3Kin2 project flying around in my head.πŸ˜… So is this distraction or is it trying to tell me that I should focus on other opportunities and ideas?

I feel like I actually don’t really focus on the $3000 anymore. But instead I rather try to build something way bigger.

Now I am not sure if I should go back to focusing on $3K in 2 months or rather follow the long-term path, which I’ve created in my head.

Besides there are (as always) ideas for other projects coming up in my head (which are completely unrelated to that one) and which don’t necessarily seem more profitable, but more fun and creative.

Some weeks ago I’ve started to note down on which projects I am currently working once a week. This helps me to refocus on the projects I’ve currently decided to work on.

It’s super impressive to see how quickly new project idea come up in my head and how susceptible I am to losing myself in new projects without even noticing.

And I wonder: Is this what people call distraction? Or is it rather what people call dedication and passion (doing something which you are striving after)?πŸ€”

How to use my Time effectively?

So far I’ve used a very manual approach to find contact information of self-employed people on Google Maps and to collect them in a spreadsheet. So that I can call them strategically.

Now I have two problems:

  1. Many of these contacts don’t fit into the target group for new websites for job starters (because they already have a website).
  2. This manual approach consumes super much time.

It would be great to scrape all these contacts – but be able to sort them by has website and doesn’t have website – so that I can for now focus on calls with people who don’t have a website yet.

On the other hand I could just call all of them and provide web development services in general. Then I am again in the game of working basically for everyone with any technology – needing to adapt to a new super individual problem again (which I actually want to avoid by focusing on those who don’t have a website yet).

So for now I’d actually like to focus on those who don’t have a website yet.

I have several options to find and approach them:

  1. find other ways (than Google Maps) to find their contact info
  2. build a tool which automates the process of collecting their info from Google Maps and presorts the contacts already

Finding other sources of contact information could actually work since there are other search engines for that. But I’d actually like to stick to my original strategy basically – and just extend my existing spreadsheet with more info. So that I can continue working in the same way as before (and don’t start another strategy every now and then).

The problem is just that building a tool which automates the Google Maps contact scraping requires quite some time of coding. And I am simply not sure if I can actually build it.

So that’s now a question of How do I actually use me time most effectively? And honestly, I think that’s a super crucial questions, which we should ask ourselves more often.πŸ˜…