Here are my thoughts on my current priorities (derived from a response to Anna on Liz‘s Discord server).

NeverEmployed Chat – YouTube🎬 & Podcast🎧

To be honest, I think the interview thing has the potential to super ultra high long-term upsides😁 – even if my YouTube channel and the shorts never get real traction.

I mean I simply surround myself with entrepreneurs and build high-level connections with them over ~30min, while promoting them with shorts afterwards.

Actually the YouTube channel is not meant to make any money at all. And as we all know: In the end it doesn’t make sense to give up a YouTube channel after 3-4 months.

If it turns out that it gets the potential for any kind of monetization, I’ll eventually consider it. If not it’s fine too, because it’s a huge part of my self-fulfillment, as well as networking and helping impressive entrepreneurs to do marketing (hopefully somehow…).

For now I just try to systemize the underlying workflows as much as possible. So I only spend ~10-15h/week for each interview (including video editing and daily posting of shorts on TikTok, YouTube, Reddit & Instagram).

Besides I still have the option to quit the production and distribution of short form content. Or if I somehow make enough money to afford an editor on a regular basis, I could outsource parts of the video editing and content distribution.

Instagram Coding Page

The Instagram coding page is not so important, but also only makes sense in the long run. It’s actually just meant to be a (almost) no effort side project (maintained with 0.5-1h/week and potential to higher upside with more time spent).

Webdesign Gigs

I only take webdesign gigs when people come to me at the moment (irregularly) and then it usually comes with a lot of overhead for these small projects. So it’s something which makes some money, but nothing I want to do like this in the long run.

#3Kin2 Challenge

The #3Kin2 challenge is my main focus at the moment (4-8h/day) and may replace the individual webdesign gigs by January… maybe.

Writing for my blog (& a potential newsletter) is more like an extended meditation in terms of self-reflection, as well as (turned out recently) a great way to discuss my lessons learned from the entrepreneur interviews and to “promote” them in a written way.

Hence also super long-term potential (but no money right now) in combination with the YouTube channel – because written blog content and YouTube will potentially get visitors over for the next 5-10 years (the more content (& the better), the more visitors, the higher the potential upside).

However I like to take off one or a few days from time to time, when I feel that my thoughts overflow and that I need to dump them in the form of (written) discussions. That’s when I lock myself down for some time and just write everything that comes to my mind (which is usually connected to business, productivity or life in general – often related to insights from my interviews or books I’ve read)

This may lead to few weeks or few months of blog aka. newsletter content from time to time. So it’s not mandatory regular and I think it’s okay if it stays irregular for now. It’s more like my personal thought-hygiene.🚿

Priorities (TL;DR)

Sleep, exercise & meals (& meditation) are clearly unquestionable (prio #0).

The YouTube interviews are simply way to valuable for me personally and have a huge upside potential (prio #1).

#3Kin2 Challenge: Focus now until end of December, with potential to replace other webdesign gigs (prio #2)

Writing for my blog (and newsletter) has a similarly high upside and self-fulfillment potential as the YouTube interviews – especially in combination. Doesn’t need to be regular, but usually pops in from time to time anyway.😅 (prio #3)

Webdesign gigs: only thing that actually makes some money (which I don’t need urgently) – looking to replace this anyway (prio #4).

Instagram Account: Fun & low effort, but quite unrelated hobby side-project (prio #5).

What are your priorities, while you do your own thing?