The first 19 years of my life, I’ve never done any sports on a regular basis.
I didn’t do fitness and I haven’t been in any sports teams.
My diet was mostly based on sugar (sweets and pastries) and meat.
That’s definitely not how you get the energy to build your business!

Low-Energy: No Power

I’ve always been very low on energy.
This shaped my mind and my self-perception in a devastating way!
I actually thought that this was me.
I thought of myself as a person with a very low energy level.
People describe me as a person with relaxing charisma.
Nevertheless, that low state of energy wasn’t supposed to be the default!

No Power to build a Business

Many years I’ve regarded many successful entrepreneurs from a comparing point of view:
“All these great business owners are energy-packed machines who don’t need any sleep and still crush it! But I am only that low-energy guy who’ll never have the power to build his own business.”

That’s what I told myself.
Therefore it was my personal truth.
That was my weak self-perception.
But this changed after I challenged myself to do a physically demanding job.

Proving Myself wrong: Farm Worker

After I graduated from high school, I worked on a farm for one year.
Despite some other reasons, one was to simply prove myself that I am actually able to work a full-time job (not an actual employment😉), on a farm.
And (un)surprisingly I was actually able to do that hard work – during hot summers and an ice-cold winter.🥶

At the end of each working day, I was completely exhausted.
Although I am clearly a hardgainer (skinny type of person), I’ve build some muscle mass gradually.
I actually started to like myself and my body more, which also equipped me with some additional self-confidence.

After I finished that year on the farm, I went to the university.
But something changed, compared to high school…

Back to School (University) – Push Energy!

Soon after I started to sit there in the university for hours and hours, after working on that farm full-time every day for a whole year, I suddenly had ants in the pants.
I simply realized that the regular, physical work gave me an energy boost on a daily basis.
During my time in high school, I never realized that I was lacking that power simply because I didn’t push my energy by doing fitness exercises or any other physical demanding activity.

If you don’t just sit in the class room or the lecture hall your whole life, but start to work with your body instead, you start to learn that power gives power.

Daily Sports: My first Habit

Fortunately I changed my diet and turned vegetarian already before I graduated from high school.

But my first long-lasting habit was my daily morning exercise.
I simply do some basic bodyweight exercises every morning.
That’s the first activity of my day (after drinking a glass of water).
That’s not much and that’s nothing which will make me become a bodybuilder or so.
But it simply helps me to wake up, get an initial energy boost for the day and keeps me fit on a basic level.

Few months ago I actually re-learned the connection between fitness exercises and energy level, during an empowering conversation with my friend Pavel.
He helped me to understand again that every time I work out, I am more energized afterwards.
This motivated me to exercise even more.
Therefore I run an additional 1-3 times per week (short distance, nothing crazy).

Sports, Power, Business Success

It’s not a coincidence that these previously described energy-packed machine business owners are so successful.
Fitness and personal success, as well as financial success, often go hand in hand.

This doesn’t mean that there are no successful business owners, who aren’t physically fit.
And by no means I would say that I am one of those successful machines (yet).😁
However doing sports on a regular basis to increase your energy level is definitely a strongly recommended habit!

Next: Prove myself Business Success

During these past years I’ve learned that regular fitness exercises help me to increase my energy level and to stay healthy.
I’ve proven myself that I am able to do physically demanding jobs and that daily exercises benefit me in several ways.

This helped me to change my self-image drastically.
Hence I learned that I am not just a deadbeat.
If I want, if I really want it, I can be a powerfully energized entrepreneur and a successful business owner.

That’s the next step for me:
Prove myself that I am able to achieve business success and live a self-directed life, by shaping it however I want it.