For years during my teenage years I’ve wasted a huge amount of time.
I’ve literally spent years hanging around and doing literally nothing (but maybe smoking weed or cigarettes).
Therefore I encourage your to take responsibility over your life today!

Quite early I was fascinated by the idea of entrepreneurship.
I’ve always wanted to run a great, flourishing business since I was 15 or 16.
But I’ve never really done direct action.
Not even mentioning long-term actions towards a greater goal.

Planning and Dreaming Business

Yes, I’ve been planning a lot – or rather dreaming.
But that’s not what brings you anywhere near your wishes.

Year after year I’ve dreamed about being a successful entrepreneur.
But I’ve took almost no action.
Hence I’ve never developed even a tiny feeling of how it would be to actually start and build up a business from scratch.

Take Action: Start, Fail, Repeat

Dreaming of running a great company or seeing your dreams come true in your imagination is easy.
Actually doing things to get towards these objection is something else.
It takes a lot of courage to start any kind of business – especially if you are young and your life is rather directed by other people, like parents, teacher or other adults, who think that they know better than you.
Trust me: They don’t!

Take Responsibility: Your Life, Your Business

The only person who knows, what’s eventually best for you… is you!
Yes, you might be somehow dependent on others – some of us more, some less.
But in the end, there’s simply no one else who lives your personal life!
And in the very end you are the only person, who decides what you do in your life and what you don’t.

Don’t get me wrong.
I don’t want to say, that other people don’t have an impact on your life.
But when the rubber hits the road, it’s you and only you!
You decide what you do today in order to get wherever you want to be in the future.
And you do not just decide today.
You decide what you do every single day – again and again – in order to achieve your greatest goals.
No matter if that’s business related or not.
You shape your own life.

Courage: Lonely Start

After I’ve done very little, which helped me to achieve my financial goals, I’ve spent another few years trying to figure out different options in life.
I’ve actually tried quite a few things – not necessarily business related.
But rather things of which I thought that these things will show me where I need to start.

That’s bullsh*t!
Trust me: Never wait for something to come to you.
If you want it, get it!
And yes, better be aware of the fact the the big things in life aren’t those which you simply get.
Your deepest desires certainly depend on sacrifices.
If you dream of living a different life – one that’s more free, exuberant or exciting compared to that of the people you see around you – then there’s clearly no way around sacrifices.
If you surround yourself with people who are going to live such average, boring lives, how do you imagine becoming the great entrepreneur between all your nine-to-five working employed friends?

That’s probably the hardest part of the whole thing:
Setting clear priorities and establish them.
You want to live a different life.
Start on your own!
Don’t try to convince anyone else.
If you really want to, take action!

Achieve Self-Confidence in Business and Life

You’ll need to leave people behind, in order to chase your goals.
If you want to build the company of your dreams, you are responsible for that.
And there will be no one who guides you in the beginning.
After you started, started to develop a network and people can see what you are doing, it may become easier.
When you and others start to see the first, real results that’s the moment in which you prove everyone (especially yourself) that you can do it and that you are onto something.
Once you achieved that initial success, it’s about keeping it up.

The more you achieve, the more self-confident you become.
Once you prove yourself, that you are able to make a living on your own (without being dependent on an employment job or your parents) – what may stop you?