You live your own life, not someone else’s. Therefore don’t try to copy someone else. Instead build your unique way to wealth in your own life!

Your Life, Your Way, Your Wealth

Different people have different personalities, challenges, advantages and circumstances. The people to whom you may look up at the moment have theirs and you have yours. That’s okay. That’s perfect. And this can even be your own, personal advantage.

You may look at other people who are already successful in your area of desire and analyze them, connect with them, meet them, learn from them. But don’t try try do mimic their lives one-on-one. And I know, you’ll now say: “I don’t copy them one-on-one – of course not! Why should I?”

And maybe you are right. But be honest with yourself. I’ve often discovered that I’ve listened too much to other people. And way too often I’ve asked myself how I could use the systems and business ideas of other people to build my own way to wealth.

But why don’t use your own personality – your uniqueness and your dreams – to go your own way to wealth?

Build your own Wealth: Don’t lose your Personality

It can be beneficial to learn motivating habits and copy parts of working systems. And to some extend it makes sense to ask yourself what your role models would do. But once you stop thinking for yourself and always only try to think from the mind of someone else, you lose your own personality.

Keep in mind: Your circumstances are different and you’ll eventually build wealth in your very unique way. You’ll probably not become successful with the exact same business as your paragon.

Even though it can be helpful to see how your paragon started and evolved over time, they are currently at a very different point of their lives and careers. Remind yourself from time to time of the fact that they also started at zero at some point in their life.

You may not be at the very beginning of your business and wealth building journey. But if you read this here, you are likely somewhere at the beginning. Act accordingly.

Business Tricks: The Right Timing

It’s certainly great and impressive to see what kind of business stunts successful entrepreneurs do once they are successful. Any you’ll certainly do that too – once it’s time for that.

But reflect where you are, from time to time. I believe that you can do great things. And you can build great business and investment opportunities from scratch. I strongly believe that this is possible. But it’s simply very unlikely. I’ll always encourage people to do impactful moves – even if they don’t feel ready yet. But please don’t get discouraged, if they don’t work right now.

The time for your wealth and the success of your business will come. If not now, then at some point in the future. Just make sure, that you stick to the things which are truly meaningful to you personally!πŸ€—

Your own Way to Wealth: Your Life and Dreams

You will find your very unique and individual way to whatever you define as wealth. And it’s absolutely important that this is not about money.

Honestly! If your dreams are about money, I strongly encourage you: Stop watching YouTube videos and TikToks which focus solely on making money.

Because in the end it’s about your purpose. Yes, these super successful dropshippers and SMMA business owners may look super rich and happy.

But wealth isn’t about money. True wealth is about a great purpose and your ability change the world in the way you want to be it in the future. That’s big. That’s not easy. And maybe that’s only my own perception.

Wealth is about Humans

Maybe wealth is something completely different for you. Maybe it’s about family. Maybe it’s about your friends.

But I bet in most cases it’s about humans. Great businesses and incredible wealth is always about humans!

That’s why money plays a subordinate role. If you create a great business in your life, which helps many people, you’ll likely become rich on the way. But the true wealth isn’t about this riches.

Create the change you want to see in the world! Do it your own way. Take your time. Don’t get discouraged, overwhelmed or directed by the thoughts and stories of others. You have the power to do whatever you want!

It’s Your life, Your Way, Your Wealth!