Don’t do selfish things. It’s not about the money. Focus on helping people. The more you use your skills to help people, the higher your potential to make the change you want to see.πŸ™Œ

Help People with Your Skills

The more people you help, the more you create the potential for a great win-win situation. If you help people significantly, they usually like to pay you.

Here are some examples of people who help others greatly.

Help People to buy and sell Businesses

Ilya started to help people manually. Initially he “simply” started a newsletter to connect people who buy and sell businesses.

Eventually he automated this process by building his online platforms Microns

Thus Ilya turned his originally manual approach (newsletter) into an automated online platform – but only after(!) he learned a lot about the needs of his community for several months.

Today Ilya runs Microns successfully as an ever growing business.

Serve the Sidelined – Wishlist for Adult Content Creators

Dash helps a great community of people who haven’t been served very well before.

After she acquired coding skills over the course of several years, she eventually built a WishTender to help adult content creators monetize their efforts.

Initially Dashiell started by helping one single friend. Eventually she applies her previously acquired coding skills to help ever more people of a super welcoming, but often sidelined community.

Today Dashiell earns $40,000 per month in revenue with WishTender. And that’s certainly just the beginning of her journey to make her dreams reality.βœ¨πŸ˜‰

Build Relationships to help more People

Unfortunately I often find myself trying to “hack growth” with the help of technology instead of using it to benefit the people around me as much as possible.

I know that helping other people can be a super fulfilling thing to do. And for sure that I’ll find more and more areas of application where I can help people a lot with my skills.

However in the past I found that I oftentimes work “in my cave” without being in touch with many people. During that time I tend to focus way to much on the technology itself, instead of actively helping people.

When I don’t actively build connections to other humans – to learn about their problems, needs and wishes – I have simply no chance to actually help them.

Fortunately, as soon as I am in touch with other people, I tend to find opportunities to help them in some way.

So that’s what I want to do more and more: Learning about people’s needs and help them to fulfill those.πŸ€—

Help a clear Target Group with Your Skills (Conclusion)

What helps me to help people is to build relationships with people whom I could eventually help.

And as I learned from many of my interview guests (and initially from Pieter Levels) it’s oftentimes super beneficial to use your skills to help people in fringe or sidelined subcultures.

But at least you should have a very clear target group to develop a very good understanding of your customers needs.