Today – day 12 of my #3Kin2 challenge – I made some progress with my Google Maps automation. Over night my Raspberry Pi was able to collect from ~20 different zip codes until it crashed (due to an error).

The plan for today was to implement an auto-restart feature, which restarts the program after an error – but(!) not from the very beginning. Instead it should go on where it failed and continue the search with the latest zip code.

Oftentimes the crawler just fails to load a website and then crashes. A simple solution would be to restart it again with the same search term again until it’s able to finish the search successfully.

Google Maps Automation soon

Actually I wanted to develop my program to such a level that it can run over night and restart automatically if it fails. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to develop it to such a level yet.

But if I can finish it tomorrow, that’s also fine. Then I have enough data to make more cold calls on Monday again👌

Join #3Kin2 and don’t procrastinate – as I am probably just doing by coding instead of helping people😅.