Basically I spent ~4-5 days just building a basic tool, which could eventually save me quite some time in the long run. I’ve coded more then just morning ’till evening.πŸ˜΅πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

But actually I’ve used a super instable approach for my Google Maps automation tool. Instead of using the official API, I’ve build a browser automation, which has quite some quirks. But I’ve decided against the official API on purpose.

Why I didn’t use the official Google Maps API

On one hand I simply didn’t know and didn’t want to deal with the pricing of the official Google Maps API. I know it has some free quota. But I didn’t want to end up being depended on it.

On the other hand I had a nice Raspberry Pi lying around which didn’t, which has not been employed for quite some time.

Therefore an opportunity to sharpen my Linux skills and learn to build and run my own automations almost for free.

This is probably one of the most wonderful things about Raspberry Pi’s: You get the opportunity to do things for free, for which other people rent servers for a recurring monthly fee.πŸ€“

So yeah, I think it boils down to I’m a cheapskate

Hope for UsefulnessπŸ˜…

I hope that I can use the skills, which I’ve acquired during this project for other projects in the future.

I just hope that this wasn’t wasted time, but instead pays off in the long run.

So either this browser automation will enable me to make killer-sales calls on a consistent basis. Or I’ll just be able to apply the learned skills in other coding projects/businesses, which eventually make money.