Here’s the summary of today’s progress in my 3Kin2 challenge


  • several people (>1000 followers, >14K followers) on Twitter created tweets about my Reddit posts which unfortunately didn’t get any attention…
  • got first meeting scheduled for a call with a potential client to talk about their needs and potential opportunities for a website

Someone in the sales subreddit (which I really like because the people tend to be super helpful, honest and not so childish and confronting like in many other subreddits) nudged me to break down my numbers of the sales call in order to understand how efficient I have actually been:

  • ~6 hours
  • 89 calls
  • 13 people picked up
  • 1 agreed to meeting to talk about details of a potential collaboration🎉

Now, I am super exhausted. But I am super happy that I eventually made calls (before the weekend!)

Join the #3Kin2 challenge and take responsibility over your life!🤗