From time to time I rediscover that I am absolutely strongest when I do my own thing. When I do things my own way – that’s when I am most motivated and clearly most happy.

I am not motivated and happy when I am forced to do what…

  • great businesses other people build
  • others expect from me
  • makes most money (quickly or even in the long run)

Business: Don’t mimic others one-on-one

I am strongest when I act on my own terms. That’s a finding, which comes up periodically.

Usually I discover it again after a time in which I got a lot of input from other people (mostly successful business owners or investors). I tend to get excited about their business approaches and systems. And then I try to figure out how I could eventually use their ways to improve whatever I am currently working on. The problem is that oftentimes I don’t just use their systems to improve my business.

Instead I eventually find myself mimicking their very business – which is obviously pointles, because I am simply not them. I have my own traits, challenges and circumstances (which eventually also result in my very unique advantages). I also have my own dreams and needs. So I’d way better off creating my own life, solutions and businesses (which satisfy these needs and fulfill my dreams eventually).

What’s meaningful to You personally?

I am strongest, most energized and persistent when I work on things which are really meaningful to me personally.

Most of the time these things are those which are related to serving other people in a way which I personally love. I love to help people. I love to do great things for others. But I don’t like to do it in they way people expect it from me. I feel best when I have the freedom to help people in a way which I think is the best way.

This doesn’t mean that I want to infantilize others. It’s just means that if I already raise the energy to create an impact, I don’t want to be infantilized by others myself.

From my point of view it’s by no means self-evident that we support each other. In the first place we are responsible for ourselves and our own lives. There are certainly circumstances and situations in which we are undoubtedly dependent on others. But as long as we are able to act on our own terms, we should definitely do so whenever we want!

Do it because You yearn after it!

Whatever I do – I want to do it because I yearn after it! If I have a great idea how I could help others, then I want to do it in exactly that way. Because that’s simply how I am most effective.

This may not always be the perfect solution. Oftentimes this may even be doomed to fail. But that’s also okay.

I believe that regret can be a very strong motivation.

If you regret that you didn’t do something in the past, then it’s probably a strong sign that you should do it now.πŸ‘Œβ€” Sam Hartmann (@SamHartmannCom) May 29, 2022

Don’t force myself – Don’t want to be forced by Others

When I come up with solutions which are intended to help others, I certainly don’t force people into that. And that’s how I want to be treated as well.

If I yearn to help someone to improve their business, I usually have a clear idea of how I see this becoming a success. That’s what I want to do in that case.

If I have a business idea for myself, I don’t want to discuss this with someone else and get forced into their patterns. I just want to try whatever I have in my mind. If my original idea eventually fails and I am still motivated, I may even be open for other solutions.

But maybe not. Maybe I just do something else instead, which motivates me even more at that given time.

And I strongly believe that this is not just absolutely okay. From my point of view this is the only, very best way to create a life in which you create impact. Because that way you are simply strongest and most energized, because you do your own thing!πŸ’ͺ