Recently I’ve challenged myself to make $3000 in 2 months self-directed.

Here’s today’s progress.πŸ™Œ

44 Cold Calls, 1 Prospect

During my cold calls I’ve started to focus only on people who don’t have a website yet (instead of calling endless people who already have one – although this may also result in beneficial connections and insights).

I am basically trying to embed myself in that community in order to truly understand their most important pain points.

Rob Fitzpatrick actually describes perfectly in his book, that you don’t want to pitch your idea to potential customers in the beginning, but rather find out their needs.

This fits perfectly together with Arvid Kahl’s Embedded Entrepreneur approach, where you become part of a community to learn about their problems and eventually solve them:

β˜‘ 44 cold calls todayπŸ“ž
β˜‘ 1 person maybe interested#3Kin2β€” Sam Hartmann (@SamHartmannCom) November 8, 2022

Needs Assessment – Listening

Today I’ve had a a call with a prospect client (the single meeting from 14 successful cold calls last week – out of 89 calls in total).

We’ve had a 2 hour conversation about her situation and needs. And eventually I’ve presented her my potential solution to set up a website for her – although she thought that she couldn’t afford a website.

Although I didn’t do a classical sales pitch, she was super pleased afterwards. So that she wants to work with me as soon as my idea is mature.πŸ‘

This isn’t a sale since she didn’t pay anything. But I’ve had another long call with a former web design client from a similar industry (medical niche in the broadest sense), who also told me a lot about her experience since she started her self-employment.

I got 1 crucial finding: This target group would highly profit from websites which guarantees legal safety.

Next Steps

Schedule a call with the attorney (which my former client recommended) and elaborate a concept which enables me to create guaranteed legal websites for this target group.

If we can make this happen at a reasonable price and eventually elaborate a more or less standardized web design concept for the respective industry, this isn’t only about $3000/month anymore. Then it’s more about a never-ending flow of clients from educational institutions, who just start their self-employment.

So much for the theory.πŸ˜…

See you at #3Kin2 challenge.✌